Software Feature List

Contact Management

  • Import from CSV and Excel
  • Export to Excel
  • Categorization by tags
  • Automatic creation via contact forms
  • Automatic creation via email Mailbox
  • Mailbox for automatically attaching sent emails
  • Shared notes and tasks
  • View history of notes, emails, and tasks
  • Assign contacts to users
  • Saved property searches
  • Daily reports showing any new results for saved searches
  • Live report showing new leads
  • Categorize leads in low, medium or high priority

Property Management

  • Import from CSV and Excel
  • Export to Excel
  • Batch update via import
  • Support for sale, rental, and vacation rental properties
  • Categorization by tags
  • Shared property notes
  • Shared property tasks
  • View history of notes, emails, and tasks
  • Send properties via email
  • Upload multiple photos at once
  • Automatic resizing of photos
  • Automatic creation of thumbnails
  • YouTube videos
  • Google Maps
  • Multiple language support for names and descriptions
  • Publish instantly to your website
  • Automatically publish to free real estate websites: EasyAviso, Trovit,, Mitula y Nuroa
  • Automatically publish to real estate websites that require separate paid account on their website: Inmuebles24, Metros Cúbicos, Goplaceit, Properati, VivaReal
  • Advanced search
  • Assign users to properties
  • Automatic conversion from metric to imperial units and vice versa

Tasks and Notes

  • Task due email alerts
  • View history of notes, emails, and tasks
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • See your tasks in any iCalendar supported application
  • Daily report of overdue and current tasks
  • See related tasks and notes
  • Attach files to notes
  • Filter tasks by user
  • View assigned tasks

Website Management

  • Fully hosted website with your own domain
  • Easily update your website without knowing HTML
  • Publish your website in English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Upload multiple files and images at once
  • Featured properties
  • Integrated forms that automatically create leads
  • YouTube videos for your properties
  • Prebuilt themes to get started in minutes
  • Completely customized design
  • Advanced search with filters
  • SEO friendly themes
  • SEO optimized URLs
  • Sitemap generator that includes all your property listings

Permissions and Security

  • Restrict users to see only assigned properties or contacts
  • Restrict user permissions by office
  • Restrict which users can export or delete
  • Create or suspend users on demand
  • Over 20 permissions to permit or restrict what users can see or do

International Features

  • Multiple currency support
  • Publish properties in any country or city
  • Publish your website and property listings in English, Spanish and Portuguese
  • Support for metric (square meters, hectares) and imperial units (square feet, acres)

Training & Support

  • Support via email, direct telephone and live chat
  • Face to face training
  • Remote training via Skype
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