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EasyBroker is a CRM for real estate agencies to track emails, conversations, phone calls, meetings, tasks and to knowing exactly what listings interest your clients


Collaborate with other brokers to offer hundreds of listings to your clients

Create your own private MLS with members that you trust. Easily personalize listings with your business and contact information for emails and flyers. You can even publish all the properties in your private network on your website.

Share properties

Access your business from anywhere

Create a listing while visiting a property and directly email it to the property owner. Call your leads while on the road or email properties to a new client you meet at a party. EasyBroker enables you and your team to access your properties, leads, meetings, tasks and reports whenever and wherever you want.

Generate Comparative Market Reports

Compare historical and current prices for any type of property in any zone. Quickly share comparative market reports with property owners, buyers or renters to help set their budget expectations or justify a sale or rental price.

Comparative report

Your own website, ready in seconds

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No installation necessary

Sign up online and you are good to go. There is no need to install software or upgrades; you just need a web browser. We manage your website and CRM and ensure that it is always online; we guarantee 99% uptime. We also constantly release improvements which you can seamlessly start using since we manage all updates.

Manage all your leads from one place

EasyBroker automatically creates leads in your account any time you receive requests from your website or any of our partner real estate portals so you don't have to worry about managing multiple accounts. In EasyBroker you can assign generated leads to any of your agents and ensure that every one is followed up with.


Send professionally designed property emails

Email any listing that you have uploaded or published to EasyBroker in seconds. Each email is automatically personalized with the sender's profile and contact information so that several agents can easily work with the same properties. You can also send listing emails of any properties in your private network without having to remove the other broker's contact information.

Never forget a meeting or follow up call

Keep your team's meetings, tasks and reminders in EasyBroker so that you have a complete picture of what your team is working on and what needs to be done. EasyBroker helps ensure that every lead is followed up with and that your team provides excellent service.


Publish your listings on other websites with one click!

Update and publish listings to other real estate websites and track all of the leads you generate directly in your account. Keep in mind that other 3rd party websites may charge separately.

Secure and protect your data

You can restrict or permit access based on what each user needs to make sure your data is always secure. Ensure that your agents can't delete or export data maliciously, restrict agent's so they can only see their contacts and properties, or only provide managers with access to reports and sensitive information.

Manage team

Measure and optimize your business

See which websites generate more leads and which generate leads that convert. Measure which team members are more effective and get insight on how to improve your team's performance. Create reports for property owners that show who has seen their property and their feedback.

Count on us to train your team

We're here to support you as if we were the tech department of your business. We'll train and help your staff make the most of EasyBroker. You can also reach us for technical problems, questions or tips via email, our help chat or by phone. Feel free to contact us to learn more!


Our Clients Speak For Us

Hector bustamante

We moved to EasyBroker and now our agents are happy because their work is easier! The software gives us a lot of helpful tools designed for real estate professionals, and I enjoy that their team is always looking for new features that help us do an even better job.

Héctor Bustamante, Bustamante Realty Group, Tijuana

Eric chazaro

EasyBroker understands the real estate businness, and the experience they give us goes beyond. Their technical support, and most of all their team culture focused on Customer Experience, makes all the difference. EasyBroker makes my work more efficient helping my brokers to use all the tools to their highest potential. It's a win-win!

Eric Chazaro, KW Allende, San Miguel de Allende

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