We moved to EasyBroker and now our agents are happy because their work is easier! The software gives us a lot of helpful tools designed for real estate professionals, and I enjoy that their team is always looking for new features that help us do an even better job.
Héctor Bustamante
Bustamante Realty Group, Tijuana
EasyBroker understands the real estate businness, and the experience they give us goes beyond. Their technical support, and most of all their team culture focused on Customer Experience, makes all the difference. EasyBroker makes my work more efficient helping my brokers to use all the tools to their highest potential. It's a win-win!
Eric Chazaro
KW Allende, San Miguel de Allende
In Luxury Habitat we love EasyBroker! It's very functional and user-friendly, and today it's an indispensable tool for our team. We are constantly surprised by new updates and improvements, the EasyBroker team is fabulous and I definitely recommend them!
Sonia Cabrera
Luxury Habitat, Ciudad de México
Zuksa Website
We use EasyBroker because it provides all the tools a modern real estate office needs to be competitive in this market. It's also a comfort knowing that you have a professional team supporting you whenever needed.
Jorge Zúñiga Galindo
Jorge Zúñiga Galindo
Zuksa.net, Tijuana, México
Before deciding on EasyBroker I checked and even paid for other services. I kept searching and found that EasyBroker was the best option. It gives me what I need, is very easy to use, provides a webpage that my colleagues and customers like, and they improve their features continuosly. It is and surely will continue to be the best option.
Hector Renteria
MasBR, Monterrey, México
EasyBroker gave us the initial push that we needed to open our real estate agency. Through it's real estate network we met and closed transactions with renowned real estate companies.
Alberto Colorado
co83, Ciudad de México
EasyBroker has given us many benefits since they became our Real Estate CRM, summarized in an efficient service of great quality. We are always supported and advised by their outstanding support team, so Easy Broker definitely marks a before and after in Coldwell Banker Pitic.
Irad Illescas
Coldwell Banker Sonora, Sonora, México
Property Partners Website
EasyBroker is the technology partner for our company; it's the best way to manage our large client database and keep our clients constantly informed of all the properties that meet their needs. The web version allows us to work even when we aren't in the office and the support team has an excellent disposition for continuous improvement and taking care of our requirements.
Ferencz Delarze
Property Partners, Santiago, Chile
Its real estate software that meets and exceeds our expectations and all the requirements of any real estate agent or agency. It didn't make our daily tasks more difficult but made our lives easier. I believe EasyBroker is the most comprehensive solution on the market and that's the reason why I've used it for more than six years.
José Alberto Garza
JAG Bienes Raíces, Monterrey, México
EasyBroker is by far the best CRM and software for real estate. The tools that EasyBroker provide allowed us to take the lead in Queretaro's real estate industry. We really like that there is always someone available to help us and we enjoy receiving updates for all the new features they add. Many of our clients compliment our professional website design and this leads to more recommendations and opportunities for us. We are very happy with EasyBroker and we plan to keep working together as a team.
Juan Pablo Ruiz
Opción Inmobiliaria Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, México
EasyBroker is very easy-to-use and helps us carry out all our sales processes in one place where we track all of our potential customers, inventory, visits and the complete history of our properties. Contact with the support team is direct and brilliant!
Diana Cuadra
Remax Blue, Ciudad de México

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