We moved to EasyBroker and now our agents are happy that we made their job easier. The software has so many industry-specific tools and I like that the design team is always concerned with adding things to help us do our jobs better.
Héctor Bustamante
Bustamante Realty Group, Tijuana
EasyBroker understands the real estate business and the experience goes beyond. The online support and its culture focused on Customer Experience make the difference. My work is more efficient, as they make sure that my agents use it to it's highest potential.
Eric Chazaro
KW Allende, San Miguel de Allende
At Luxury Habitat we love EasyBroker for being a very functional and friendly platform, today it is an indispensable tool for our work team. They constantly surprise us with updates and improvements, the team is fabulous and I highly recommend them.
Sonia Cabrera
Luxury Habitat, Ciudad de México
zuksa Website
We use EasyBroker, because it provides all the tools that a real estate agency needs to be competitive in the market. It is also comforting to know that you have a team of professionals supporting you when you need them.
Jorge Zúñiga Galindo
Zuksa.net, Tijuana, México
EasyBroker is quite friendly, it allows us to follow up with our clients and find properties easily.
Agapo Garza
SM Inmuebles, Monterrey
EasyBroker makes your life easier by concentrating the requests that are published on different real estate portals. They have excellent customer service and it works super well for us.
Sary Sutton
Grupo Bosques, Ciudad de México
I highly recommend it, in my experience with all the CRM I have had, EasyBroker is the best and it has given us very good results.
Karla Marcos
MD Inmuebles, Monterrey
remax Website
EasyBroker is quite simple and helps us run our entire sales process. We like it because we concentrate our leads, inventory and everything that has happened to a property in one place. Contact with the support team is direct and great!
Diana Cuadra
Remax Blue, Ciudad de México
It's only thanks to EasyBroker that I have found the ideal solution to control my office, generate valuable opinions and promote my properties on portals. I would not hesitate to recommend any professional in our industry to support your EasyBroker operation.
Mario Granillo
Grupo Arvi, Ciudad de México
EasyBroker is the ideal tool for any real estate agency, since the day I opened mine I trusted the program and the entire team that makes up the company, they have always provided me with an excellent service.
Pilar García
ZRYG, Ciudad de México

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