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Our mission is to make the experience of buying or renting your next home an awesome one

We are EasyBroker

We're passionate about making software that is easy to use and that our user's love. Rather than trying to add every bell and whistle, we focus on doing a few things but doing them amazingly well.

We're also very passionate about helping our clients provide great service and become excellent at sales. We offer online and in-office workshops to help our clients not only learn how to use EasyBroker but also hone their sales techniques and to see why providing excellent service is one of the best ways to become a successful real estate agent.

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Founder ceo easybroker

How did it all start?

"In January 2005 I left the United States to travel around the world visiting countries for months at a time while working remotely. In each new city I moved to I was constantly frustrated by the service provided by real estate agents and shocked by how few agents were using the web to market their businesses.

Most real estate brokers didn't have websites and those that did rarely kept them up-to-date because they were to difficult to update or they had to call a designer to help them publish their property listings. They were missing a huge opportunity to capture more leads.

I also couldn't believe how real estate brokers in Latin America knew very little about lead management techniques. Most were using pencil and paper or maybe excel to keep track of their clients and what the listings they were looking for. The concept of CRM and following a process to manage and qualify leads was almost unheard of.

This experience led me to start EasyBroker in January 2007."

Eric Northam
Founder and CEO

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