We make it easy to buy or rent a home

EB Team

One of the most exciting and financially important decisions in life is choosing where to live. We created EasyBroker to make it easy to buy or rent a home. EasyBroker is one of the most important real estate websites in Mexico that is used by over 15,000 real estate agents with more than 400,000 active listings.

We started more than 16 years ago, we are profitable and we have never raised capital so we can do things without the pressure to grow for growth's sake. We are a 100% remote company with a team of around 25 people. Most of us live in Mexico but we also have EasyBrokers in Chile, Colombia and Argentina.

We value straight talk

We encourage honest and open feedback between all team members regardless of their job title. We know that being straightforward and allowing everybody to speak their true thoughts results in a better product and a happier team.

We love delighting clients

We try to always go the extra mile to make our clients feel empowered and become successful. In order to make great products and provide excellent service we strive to understand the needs of our clients and to treat them as we would want to be treated.

Honesty first

We never sacrifice our integrity with our clients, teammates or anyone else we our lucky to work with. We know that in the long-term sincerity and integrity will result in a better company and culture and clients that will put their trust in us.

Always be improving

Whether it's personal or professional we love to learn new things and to question and try to improve our current way of doing things. There is always room for improvement and we have the humility to know that we can always grow more and also love to find opportunities to do so.

Passion for perfection

We love to create things that make us proud but we understand that we have to iterate and fail from time to time to make them. We are passionate about and inspired by perfection but we understand that the first version is almost never the best. We iterate and learn to create the best products.