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Share MLS listings with your contact information.

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Share MLS listings with your contact information.

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  • Personalize MLS listings
  • Earn commissions collaborating with other agents
  • Send personalized listings via WhatsApp or email
  • Create search alerts for newly published listings


$29 USD/month

Publish and share your own listings for $29 per user.

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$23 USD/month

Publish and share your own listings. Each additional user costs $23.

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Everything in the Free Plan and:
  • Create unlimited listings and manage your inventory online
  • Publish your listings on the MLS and other real estate websites (some sites may charge additional fees)
  • Manage leads from your centralized Inbox
  • Share your listings via email or WhatsApp
  • Create comparative market reports

PlanAgent + Website

$59 USD/month

Includes a user and a website. Each additional user costs $29.

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$47 USD/month

Includes a user and a website and each additional user costs $23 paid annually.

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Everything in the Agent Plan and:
  • Use your own domain
  • Secure your site with an SSL certificate at no extra cost
  • Automatically publish your listings and listings from the agents you collaborate with on your website
  • Personlize the design and content without a web designer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just create your account and then go to the Payments and Billing page where you can choose the number of users, payment frequency and your preferred payment method and then you can start uploading and publish your properties immediately.

You can import properties from a spreadsheet and in some cases we can help you move your properties and images from an existing website.

We have no interest-free fixed rates. We will always charge the total amount to be paid, however you can pay monthly, semi-annually or annually and choose between the different payment methods available.

EasyBroker cannot issue invoices but it can issue tax receipts. Why? We are a company with a tax address abroad, so we issue purchase receipts that have tax validity. We comply with the requirements that are asked of companies residing abroad. The published prices already include VAT. Here's how you can use the receipts

Yes. As the account owner, you can cancel it whenever you want. Just keep in mind that payments are made at the beginning of the contracted period, so we recommend waiting until the end of that period to do so.

You can contact our support team through chat or by email at